Regency Gas Heaters

Regency Gas Heaters

Cozying up to a warm fire has never been easier. Gas fireplaces, inserts and stoves by Regency deliver the convenience and warmth of a real fire with minimal installation hassle.

Gas fireplaces come in several styles, including inserts for retrofitting wood-burning fireboxes and built-in units that can be installed where no fireplace exists now. You can even find vent-free models that release their heat and exhaust directly into your home without needing a chimney.

No Electricity Required

A no electricity required Regency gas heaters fireplace, stove or insert is a great option for those who want to save on energy costs. Unlike a central furnace, which works to heat your entire home, a gas appliance only operates in the rooms that need it most.

This lower operating cost means you’ll be saving money over time. Plus, these high efficiency models can help you reduce your carbon footprint while providing consistent, controllable heating for years to come.

All Regency gas heaters, inserts and stoves can operate safely during a power outage thanks to battery backups or ignition packs. The fireplace will continue to produce radiant heat, so you’ll stay warm and cozy.

Some models, like the Heat & Glo line of gas fireplaces and inserts, are outfitted with specialized IntelliFire or IntelliFire Plus pilot ignition systems that can be powered by batteries in case of power loss.

Lower Operating Costs

Nothing is more inviting than sitting by a crackling fire on a cold winter evening. It’s a cozy way to spend time with friends and family and it also warms your home. But all that warmth can come with a cost, which means that you need to be prepared to pay for the extra energy you use.

For that reason, it’s important to understand how a new fireplace heater can affect your utility bill in a real-world situation. This is particularly true if you plan to heat a large room.

One of the easiest ways to determine how much a new gas fireplace, fireplace insert or freestanding stove will cost you is to calculate its operating costs. This can be done by calculating the BTU output (the number of heat units per hour), its thermal efficiency and the cost of natural gas in your area.

Direct Vent Technology

Direct vent gas fireplaces are a great option for people who want to add a fireplace to their home, but don’t have a chimney. They are a more convenient and affordable alternative to masonry fireplaces.

They are available as Zero Clearance Built-ins or Gas Inserts and can be used in a new home or retrofitted into an existing one. They provide reliable heat while filling your room with a mix of warm air and radiant heat.

Compared to natural and B-vent gas fireplaces, direct vent units are significantly more efficient. All by-products of combustion, including carbon monoxide and smoke, are expelled outside the home.

Direct vent gas fireplaces use a coaxial system with an outer pipe that draws air for combustion, and an inner pipe that expels exhaust fumes. This loop method of operation is more efficient than traditional fireplaces and allows them to be placed in more rooms than B-vent models.

Easy Installation

Regency gas heaters fireplaces are a great way to heat a single room, or an entire home without the need for a chimney. These units can be vented right inside an existing wood stove or fireplace, greatly reducing installation costs.

They’re available in either vented or ventless models, with a fixed metal screen and glass panel. Alternatively, they can be installed as an open frameless fireplace.

A Regency fireplace insert replaces the old, deteriorating hearth with a new one that is safe, efficient and looks beautiful. These inserts are also known for being extremely easy to install.

EPA certified, Regency wood inserts and stoves have been designed to meet the strictest clean air and emissions standards. Burning wood is not only more energy efficient than other heating methods, it can cut your fuel bills in half and allow you to zone heat the rooms you spend time in.

These modern and elegant designs are perfect for today’s decorating trends for contemporary living spaces. These models are equipped with advanced ignition systems, thermostatic remotes and highly adjustable heat outputs that make a Regency fireplace a great choice for any home.

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