Dometic Cooling Units

Dometic Cooling Units

Dometic is one of the world leaders in absorption refrigeration technology. Its products are widely used in the recreational vehicle industry.

The rv refrigerators business forms more than half of Dometic’s total sales. It is therefore vital to Dometic that they can meet the needs of consumers by replacing sodium chromate in their products.


The RTX2000 is a 12V RV air conditioning unit that can run off of the battery on an offgrid campervan or truck. Historically, these types of units have been a bit bulky and iffy, but the technology has matured.

Originally based on the Dometic CoolAir parking cooler used by truckers, these units have been modified to work in the RV world as well. They save operators money on fuel and engine maintenance, and keep emissions low.

This 2,000-watt unit cranks out 6,824 BTUs of cooling energy and uses only 19A in Eco mode. It also has a Turbo mode for faster cooling, but it will need a higher power consumption to operate.


The Dometic RTX1000 is a self-contained, battery operated truck roof air conditioner that has up to 12 hours of operation. It features a high efficiency compressor that draws only 8 amps in the Eco mode and can be installed in an existing roof hatch with a maximum tilt of eight degrees.

It has a voltage monitor that shuts off power if the vehicle battery is not being recharged. This ensures that the vehicle engine can be started without any problems and keeps operating costs down.

This unit is ADR compliant and is easy to install with vehicle-specific installation kits. It also has a remote control, TUV compliance, TAoeV quality mark, and a long warranty.


The RTX500 isn’t just the best looking coolant based truck accessory on the market, it’s also one of the most efficient. A well conceived cooling scheme can reduce operating costs by several thousand dollars. It’s not surprising that truck drivers are swooning over the RTX. The large battery monitor and optional remote control make for a seamless operation. The RTX boasts a number of clever features like a state of the art air handling system, and intelligent power controls to reduce operating cost and emissions.


Whether you’re camping, traveling in an RV or simply looking for a way to keep your food fresh and cool while on the go, Dometic has an array of innovative coolers designed to suit your needs. They also have a ton of other products that cater to other areas, such as hygiene and sanitation, climate, and food storage, so there’s always something for you to consider.

Designed for truck cabs, campervans, and motorhomes, the Dometic RTX400 is an impressive powered cooler that offers a large capacity and amazingly efficient operation. It uses less power than a 60W light bulb to reach temperatures as low as -7 degrees and actively monitors battery power, turning itself off when it detects a flat charge.

It’s ruggedly built and features a reinforced ExoFrame, fender frame protected edges, and aluminum alloy handles. Its powerful VMSO3 compressor cooling technology effectively refrigerates and deep freezes down to -7 degrees, while its high-resolution color display and soft touch controls make it easy to control. It also comes with a mobile app that lets you monitor and control the temperature without touching the cooler itself.

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