How To Factory Reset Ps4 For Better Performance

how to reset ps4 to factory settings

How To Factory Reset Ps4 For Better Performance

Including our gaming systems, technology isn’t perfect. There’s nothing worse than slogging through a game only to have it freeze just as you reach a checkpoint. There is evidence that the age of the system may be contributing to these problems. Many PS4 users experience these frustrating issues, and there’s a relatively simple solution: A complete factory reset.

In order to perform a complete factory reset of a PlayStation 4, you must go through a fairly straightforward procedure. Usually, this step is taken as the last resort to ensure that the system is still working properly.

How To Factory Reset Ps4 Pro: Things To Consider

It is important that before you initiate the process of factory resetting, make sure that you have backed up any and all stored data that you have. You should consider backing up your saved data before factory resetting the PlayStation as this will eliminate all of the data that you have on your system. If you do not do this, you will be starting your games all over again.

In fact, PS Plus users are fortunate in that they can upload their saved data to the cloud, so backing up the data should not be a problem for them. It is also possible to copy saved games to a flash drive even if you do not subscribe to PS Plus.

Listed below are step-by-step instructions to do a factory reset on your PlayStation 4, regardless of whether you’ve got the original, slim, or pro model.

It’s important to know the hard drive of the console will be wiped clean during a factory reset, as well as its system software. When your PlayStation 4 is unable to boot up due to a software glitch, it is your last resort to make sure your data doesn’t remain on your console.

If you wish to keep data such as images, saves, or videos, you should back them up to an external device or to the cloud. PlayStation Plus members who want to back up data via the cloud have access to 100GB of storage space.

Depending on whether your PS4 is having boot-up issues, there are two ways to reset it – from the dashboard or in Safe Mode. Both ways will be covered, but let’s start with your PlayStation 4.

how to factory reset a ps4

how to factory reset a ps4

How To Reset Ps4 To Factory Settings: Steps To Follow

Sign In To PS4 And Open Settings Menu

Click on Account Management in the settings menu. Make sure you deactivate the primary PlayStation 4 as soon as possible.

In that setting, you can identify this PS4 as yours so that you can play downloaded games offline. Having trouble signing on to your new console and playing your games will be the result of missing this step.

Deactivate Your PS

Then select Activate as your primary PS4. You are probably already activating your PS4. It will be grayed out, and you will only be able to select Deactivate if that’s the case. Choose Yes when asked to do so.

Sign In Back

For the final steps, sign in to your account again and go back to the settings.

In The Settings, You Can Find Initialization

if you scroll all the way to the bottom of the Settings menu. You’ll be provided with more options once you click Initialization. We will be skipping Clear Learning Dictionary in this guide because we are only concerned about the two bottom choices. The next option is Restore Default Settings, which will wipe the PS4’s hard drive but not erase your saved settings data.

Other options include Initialize PS4, which will delete everything on your hard drive, including downloaded games, saved game data, and any other data you’ve added to the console since you bought it. If you do this, your PS4 will be restored to its original pristine state.

When Initializing, Choose Full

If you want to wipe everything, be aware that it will take a while, perhaps a couple of hours. The PS4 will show you how long it will take to perform the wipe after you have initiated it, but it can take as long as an hour if it has to process multiple steps.

After the installation is complete, you can set up your PS4 the same way you did the first time it was turned on. It will be completely fresh and without data attached if you are selling it.

Restart Your Computer In Safe Mode

You can access the same options from the Safe Mode of the PlayStation 4 if you’re experiencing problems with system software or other errors.

You might be thinking if you do not have the controller in your hand and you do not know how to factory reset ps4 without controller?  Well, here is the answer.

Simply hold down the PS4’s power button once you hear two beeps to exit the Safe Mode. Once the machine has restarted, a user interface will open shortly after boot, where you can configure the system without the help of a controller.

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