Why Families Should Use a Caregivers Agency

Why Families Should Use a Caregivers Agency

Families can choose to use a caregiver agency or hire one privately. The choice depends on many factors, including cost.

Agencies usually carry liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance. This protects both families and Caregivers agency in the event of a work related injury. Some agencies also offer paid vacation and sick time.

Peace of Mind

Peace of mind is a state of inner calmness and emotional stability. It is a sense of security and confidence that comes from a deep understanding of one’s values, morals, and self worth. It is a skill that can be learned through mental health practices and healthy relationships.

A top-quality home care agency will screen its caregivers for, among other things, criminal background and purported qualifications. It will also offer benefits to its employees. This can include vacation time, medical coverage, and a 401K plan. These perks can help the agency attract and retain quality caregivers.

When shopping for an in-home care agency, ask about its worker’s compensation insurance. Some agencies hire their caregivers as independent contractors rather than employees, but this can be a costly mistake. The agency may be liable for taxes, bonds, and other expenses that independent contractors are not required to pay.

Time Savings

Caregivers are a very hard-working group of people who often have to commute between shifts. This can be costly for them. In addition, they need to have downtime in between shifts to rest and refuel. Make sure that your staff understands the limitations of their time and respects them. This is a key component in caregiver retention.

Agencies also save families time by taking care of all the insurance, legal, and tax matters that must be handled for independent caregivers. They typically charge more per hour than independent caregivers, but this can be well worth it for many families.

A good agency will keep a schedule for your loved one and find someone to cover the gaps if a regular caregiver calls out or is sick. They also make sure that any last-minute cancellations don’t result in a long period of time without care.


Many caregiver agencies offer training for their employees. This helps ensure that the caregivers are always well-informed about new trends and practices in home care. They can then provide their clients with the best possible service. They can also assist with navigating Medicare and insurance issues.

The agency may also have policies and procedures that they adhere to. They may also conduct regular quality checks on their employees. The caregivers will usually undergo background checks, drug screenings and verification of certifications.

In addition, the caregivers are typically bonded and insured by the agency. This provides families with peace of mind knowing that the agency has done the big part of screening the caregivers. Families are then free to focus on choosing the perfect caregiver for their loved one.


If a caregiver calls in sick, or is unable to fulfill their scheduled shift, the agency will send a replacement. This prevents your loved one from having to find someone else on short notice, and it helps your family avoid any inconvenience.

Agencies also manage payroll taxes, social security payments and worker’s compensation insurance for their employees. This saves families the time and expense of managing employee payroll and withholdings on their own.

Many agencies offer benefits like paid vacation and sick days, education reimbursement and health insurance. These help to attract and retain caregivers by showing that their needs are taken seriously. This is particularly important because being a caregiver can be emotionally and physically draining.


There are a number of costs associated with using an agency that factor into the hourly rate. These costs include payroll taxes (Social Security, Medicare and unemployment), insurances like worker’s compensation and certifications like CPR.

Families can save on these expenses by hiring a caregiver independently and handling these costs themselves, but this comes with risks. For example, what happens if the independent caregiver gets sick or needs to take a vacation?

Many agencies offer a layer of scheduling protection so that if your primary caregiver is unexpectedly unavailable, the agency will contact a backup care provider. This provides peace of mind and can save you money in the long run. These benefits are often worth the higher cost of using an agency. They include expert advice, time savings and stress reduction.

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