Top 5 Retailers of Auto Detailing Products in Canada

Top 5 Retailers of Auto Detailing Products in Canada

Whether you are a professional or a hobbyist, you need a wide array of auto detailing products canada. These items can be costly, so make sure you shop around for the best price. Fortunately, there are many retailers in Canada who offer competitive prices on a wide variety of top-quality products.


Gtechniq is a company that offers a wide range of auto detailing products. Their high-tech offerings are based on cutting-edge science and innovative materials, as well as a solid network of independent professional detailers. The company makes a variety of paint protection products, which are designed to provide maximum long-term visual impact. They also offer a number of prosumer products, such as waxes and sealants.

Of course, the best thing about Gtechniq is its dedication to customer service. The company offers a customer service team that’s willing to speak with you on a one-on-one basis. You can also take advantage of their extensive social media presence. Another plus is the fact that you can order from a company that has a good rep amongst the industry.


P&S auto detailing products have been providing high quality car care products for over 50 years. They are a leading detail supplier in the United States, and are known for their exceptional service and high quality products. Whether you are a professional detailer, a car enthusiast, or simply a beginner, you can find a product from P&S that will work for you.

If you are looking for an auto shampoo concentrate that is pH balanced, safe for all washing applications, and environmentally friendly, you should check out P&S’s Double Black Pearl Auto Shampoo Concentrate. This product is a premium experience and has been specially formulated to provide durable protection to your vehicle. The concentration is pH balanced to help you clean your paint properly, and has 100% biodegradable ingredients.


CarPro manufactures some of the most advanced auto detailing products on the market. Their products range from an easy to use quick interior detail spray to a long lasting paint protectant that will withstand even the most demanding conditions. They are designed for the most discerning car care owners. These products are all based on a new generation of nanotechnology, which allows them to create an unparalleled line of automotive detailing products.

CarPro is known for their CQuartz line of sealants, which are formulated to improve the protection of vinyl and rubber surfaces. The sealants are made from synthetic materials, which make them last longer than traditional sealants. The CQuartz series also features a special hydrophobic coating, which prevents swirl marks and provides an additional layer of protection.

Wolfgang Detailer’s Tool Bag

A well made Wolfgang Detailer’s Tool Bag is a great way to stow away all your detailing supplies in style. The hefty 17-inch by 10-inch bag is constructed of heavy-duty nylon canvas and features metal studs and non-skid feet. Its impressive design incorporates two large compartments and two smaller ones. Each has a built-in multi-tool organizer, a polisher, and a variety of detailing brushes. As for storage, the bag offers a full-length zipper, a hook-and-loop closure, and plenty of slack.

This snazzy bag sports an optional shoulder strap, a handy carrying handle, and a slew of interior elastic straps. For the discerning equestrian, there’s an added bonus in the form of a nifty carry strap that holds the tools in place. In addition to the usual suspects, the bag accommodates a Porter Cable 7424XP.


SONAX is a leading manufacturer of high-performance car care products. The company has been around for over 60 years, and its product line includes wheel cleaners, tire cleaners, interior cleaning products, and ceramic coatings. They are also on the cutting edge of nanotechnology, as they develop surface-friendly car care products.

One of the most innovative products is the SONAX Spray + Seal, which protects your car from dust and electrostatic charging. You can apply it in one step, and it can protect your paintwork up to 99% better than any other product. Another great product is SONAX Polymer Net Shield, which offers wax-free protection for up to 6 months. It is also available in 75ml mini version.

A few other excellent products include SONAX Profiline UltimateCut 06-03, which is a highly efficient abrasive polish. This polish contains a hard abrasive that helps to remove scratches and nibs from your car’s paintwork. Plus, it leaves minimal processing traces.

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