The Different Types of Car Keys and How a Locksmith Can Help

The Different Types of Car Keys and How a Locksmith Can Help

Whether you lost your car keys or have a key fob that doesn’t work right, it can be a stressful experience. Losing or misplacing a car key can also be expensive if you go to a dealership for a replacement.

Long gone are the days when you could have a $5 mechanical key cut at your local locksmith. Today, key cutting and programming is a highly specialized service.
Transponder Keys

Transponder keys are a type of key that contains a small microchip embedded in the plastic head. This chip emits a low-level radio signal when it comes in contact with the ignition cylinder. The car’s computer then reads the signal to verify that the key is a valid one and allows it to start. This type of key is designed to prevent auto theft.

The best way to tell if your car has a transponder key is by checking with your local locksmith or dealership. These professionals can also help you determine if the key is a valid, authenticated, and working one.

These types of keys are not easy to duplicate or replace. They require special tools and programming. They can be expensive, but they are a good way to protect against car theft and keep your family safe. However, this doesn’t mean they are invincible against thieves who may use a scanning device to decode the code on your key.
Traditional Keys

When a traditional key is inserted into a lock, horizontal grooves on the blade align with the wards of the lock and allow or deny access to the pin tumblers. This allows the key to turn the cylinder or cam and unlock the door. This type of lock is not as secure as a smart key, but it is less expensive to replace and repair.

Many car owners opt for a smart key because it offers more convenience and security features. However, this also means that it will not work if the key fob is lost or damaged. This is when you need a car locksmith.

An automotive locksmith can drive to your location and replace the key on the spot. They can also help with ignition problems and other related issues. They will charge fair, all-inclusive rates and provide a reliable service. This business is licensed by the state of Illinois and has been helping car owners for over 20 years.
Switchblade Keys

Although they sound like bladed weapons for parking lot self defense, switchblade keys are simply a key fob with a key that folds into the key handle and pops out when a button is pressed. They are a popular option for drivers who want a compact car key fob with a smart, sleek appearance.

While most newer cars use transponder chips, older models may still have the traditional crank key. While this type of key does not contain an electronic chip, it can be copied and used to start a stolen vehicle.

If you lose your car keys, be sure to arm yourself with a great roadside assistance program that covers locksmith services. This will save you a lot of money and hassle in the long run. The Chicago Locksmith Masters are available 24/7 to help you with all your car key replacement needs. Call us today for a quote!
Lost Keys

Lost keys can be a huge stressor for a driver. They can also be a hassle for the owner. A locksmith can help ease the frustration of losing your key. Whether you are in the middle of a busy day or in a parking lot late at night, lost keys can be stressful.

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