The Best Thermal Paste to Keep Your PC Cool

The Best Thermal Paste to Keep Your PC Cool

If you want to keep your PC cool, there’s nothing better than a good thermal paste. The best options have high thermal conductivity to help heat dissipate efficiently.

For gamers and overclockers, the Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut is the top choice. This liquid metal compound is extremely conductive and can reduce temperatures by up to 10 degrees Celsius.
Noctua NT-H1

Noctua NT-H1 is a high-performance thermal paste that offers exceptional ease of use and outstanding stability. It is suitable for all air- and water-based cooling solutions and provides optimal performance for CPUs, GPUs and other heat-sensitive components that require a metal heat sink.

This thermal paste is based on different micro-particles and ensures minimal thermal resistance and reduced bond-line thickness. It also provides exceptional spreadability under pressure, making it easy to apply even with a stencil kit.

The 3.5-gram package is sufficient for about three to 20 applications, depending on the size of the CPU or GPU. It also includes a user-friendly applicator tool for easy application.

This product is a budget-centric option that is great for people who have a low budget. It is ideal for gaming systems and overclockers, and it is designed to last a long time. It is non-drying and won’t dry out quickly, even after intensive use. It also has a good thermal conductivity rating and is a good value for your money.
Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut

If you’re not quite ready to spend money on a high-end liquid metal thermal paste, this option from Arctic is a great choice. It works well at a variety of temperatures, and comes with an application stencil and spreader for easier installation. It also offers an excellent value, and its price tag is much lower than many other options on this list.

This thermal compound is ideal for gamers and serious CPU/GPU overclockers. It’s incredibly conductive, and can significantly drop temperatures compared to regular pastes. It’s also non-electrically conductive, which makes it safe to use in most cases.

It has a runny consistency and is applied to the CPU integrated heat spreader with a syringe and capillary needle applicator tip. Excess material can be siphoned off using a special extraction tip, and the kit ships with a syringe and alcohol swab for preparation and cleanup. The product is rated to work up to -250°C, and has been used by several major overlockers.
Arctic MX-6

The Arctic MX-6 is a thermal paste designed to deliver the best performance for systems of all types. It’s not only suited for high-end CPUs but can also be used on mid-range processors and GPUs. It offers excellent compatibility and features a thermal conductivity of 8.5 W/mK. In addition, it’s not electrically conductive and does not dry out easily.

This product is a great option for budget-oriented users who want to ensure optimal heat dissipation in their computers or other electronics such as laptops, game consoles, or even in tinkering projects. It’s made of carbon particles, is metal-free and non-conductive, and is backed up with a four-year warranty by the manufacturer. Moreover, it comes with a bottle of MX Cleaner for residue-free maintenance. As the technological demands on processors increase, effective thermal management becomes increasingly important for peak performance and longevity. Thermal compounds, therefore, play a critical role in bridging the gap between central processing units or graphics processing units and their respective heat sinks.
Gelid GC-Extreme

The GC-Extreme from Gelid is their top of the line thermal paste. It is designed for water-cooling setups, but it can be used on any cooler. The results show that it can handle some heat, never getting warmer than a chilly 57degC even when under full load during gaming.

It does a good job of conducting heat from the CPU, VGA or chipset to your cooler. It also comes with a spatula that makes it easier to spread the thermal compound. It is also non-electrically conductive, so it won’t fry your CPU if you accidentally get some on the wrong place.

It performs on par with GC-2 and Arctic MX-4, but it is noticeably thicker than those products. This makes it harder to work with at room temperature, but once you warm it up, it is much easier to apply. It does a great job of keeping your processor cool, and it is worth the thermal paste

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