The Best Soccer Grip Socks

The Best Soccer Grip Socks

Grip socks are becoming increasingly popular among players as they enhance their performance on the pitch. They prevent internal slipping, which hurts agility and reduces player’s game energy.

Falke’s grip soccer socks form to your feet, with cushioning designated for the right and left foot. Their breathable material reduces sweat and prevents blistering. They also cut down on minor slippage and improve the shoe’s connection to your foot.

When it comes to football grip socks, TruSox are one of the best. Their product is developed with grip in mind and their patented INEX technology helps athletes eliminate movement inside footwear by reducing slippage. It’s no wonder why players like Gareth Bale and Luis Suarez wear them during their games.

The grip is created by a series of pads that cover the base of the sock. These pads are textured to grab onto the inside of your boots and prevent any slippage or movement of your foot within your shoes. The socks are available in both thin and cushioned versions with an ankle, mid-calf, and soccer length option.

Unlike other grip socks, you should not wear a traditional sock under or over TruSox as this will create a point of friction that reduces the effectiveness of their INEX pads. Instead, top-level professionals will often cut the foot off of their team issued game socks and use them as a sleeve for their TruSox to maximize performance on matchday.
Adidas Alphaskins

Grip socks are worn to help players feel secure in their cleats when running and changing directions, and they can also help reduce blisters. The most popular grip socks on the market are TruSox, which have rubber pads on the bottom of each sock to increase traction and are worn by professional players like Luis Suarez and Elano. Other manufacturers such as Tapedesign and Storelli have released anti-slip soccer socks that are designed to replace regular socks and feature grip elements positioned on the pressure zones of the foot.

Another option is adidas Alphaskins, which are designed to sit over the top of any of the company’s other calf sleeve options and feature grip yarns in the arch and heel areas to keep feet comfortable while playing. They are made with breathable Climalite material to pull moisture away from the skin, and they have added compression at the ankle to stay in place throughout a game.
Adidas Grip Strike Socks

Often overlooked and considered as second-tier to boots and shin pads, grip socks have taken the soccer world by storm with almost every professional player in the biggest leagues wearing them. Also known as performance football socks, these grip socks prevent internal slipping of the foot inside the boot and enhance player’s ability on the field.

When sweaty feet slide around within the boots and rub against them, it can lead to blistering – a massive handicap to a player’s performance. Grip socks have a grippy surface to reduce movement and eliminate blisters.

Nike has joined the grip socks game too by creating a version they call NikeGrip which works with footwear that features their inner sole. These NikeGrip socks look more like regular team socks and have extra tension to hold the socks and shin guards in place. They are also machine washable for convenience. A pair costs around the same price as a regular pair of team socks.
Nike Grip Strike Socks

Grip socks are a bit thicker than regular threadbare football socks and help prevent minor injuries such as blisters and abrasions. They also help your feet stay locked in your football boots which improves comfort. Most grip socks have 96 individual grips placed strategically throughout the sock and in high wear areas on the foot. This streamlines foot-to-boot stability where it is needed most.

Many professional players wear grip socks for a variety of reasons. They may do so for performance reasons as they provide enhanced traction and stability which helps them improve their game. Others may do so for the comfort as they help reduce internal slippage.

Like any other sports socks, grip socks need to be washed regularly. They should be washed in warm water, inside out to ensure they do not get stretched or ruined. They should be air dried and not tumble dried as this can ruin their texture and soccer grip socks

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