Thailand Privilege Card

Thailand Privilege Card

Currently, there are four different packages that members can choose from. Each package comes with different privilege benefits and prices.

These packages include a five-year residence visa with VIP greetings at the airport, priority line service for immigration, and discounts at King Power Duty-Free and other leading department stores and shopping malls.

Elite Privilege Access

Elite Privilege Access is an alternative to visas for foreign nationals seeking long-term access to Thailand. It offers several different membership packages that can be customized to suit a person’s individual needs and financial situation. The program takes care of the visa requirements and other complicated processes, allowing its members to focus on embracing their ideal lifestyle in Thailand.

Elite members receive VIP greeting and escort when arriving in Thailand, expedited immigration formalities and passport control processing, access to luxury arrival and departure lounges, golf privileges, spa and wellness benefits, one annual health check, call centers and government concierge services. They can also use limousine transportation service from hotel to airport and vice versa up to 18 times per year.

This package is ideal for people who plan on visiting and staying in Thailand regularly or relocating to the country permanently. It includes a 10-year membership, extra privileges, and the option to extend immediate family for an additional fee.

Elite Easy Access

Known as the ‘Land of Smiles’ for its friendly disposition, Thailand is becoming an increasingly popular destination among those seeking to relocate or establish a second home. Elite Privilege offers a number of residency options for those looking to take advantage of the country’s temperate climate and beautiful scenery.

The Elite Easy Access option includes a five-year residence visa and a host of other benefits for a one-time fee of 600,000 THB. The membership will grant you access to a concierge service, priority immigration and passport control processing, limousine services, and discounts at various shops and restaurants.

Upon arrival in Thailand, Elite Easy Access members will be met by a private driver who will transport them to their accommodation. Likewise, when leaving the country for good, an Elite concierge will arrange to have you quickly processed through immigration so that you can make your flight.

Elite Superiority Extension

The Elite Superiority Extension package is recommended for those who are looking to live in Thailand Privilege Card on a long-term basis. It offers a 20-year visa, airport pickup service, concierge service, and priority immigration queue access.

This package is available as an upgrade to Elite Easy Access members. Existing members can upgrade to this package at any point during the 5-year timeline of their membership. This is the most cost-effective membership option for those who are planning to settle in Thailand for a longer period of time.

Unlike other visas, the Elite Superiority Extension visa does not require insurance coverage or bank accounts. It also does not require that you visit an immigration office each year to renew the visa. This makes it a convenient option for retirees, entrepreneurs, and investors who want to make Thailand their second home. Elite members also get legal assistance from top-notch attorneys in Thailand. This is a valuable benefit because it saves you time and money by avoiding unnecessary delays in your application process.

Elite Ultimate Privilege

Elite Ultimate Privilege is the most comprehensive Thailand visa option for permanent residency. It bypasses age, financial and education requirements and provides a full visa valid for 20 years. Family members can also be added to the card for a reduced initial fee and annual charge.

Upon approval, an Elite Personal Assistant will greet you at the gate when you disembark your flight, whisk you to our exclusive arrival lounge, and handle all immigration formalities, saving you time, money and frustration. When departing, Fast Track express immigration service will expedite you to baggage claim and limo transfer.

The Elite Ultimate Privilege option is aimed at adults who are ready to retire or aspire to set up business in Thailand. The only requirement is a foreign passport and that you are over the age of 20 and have not been described as mentally ill. Applicants will also undergo an immigration interview and background check to ensure the integrity of the program.

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