Proxies Cheap – Where to Buy & Top 4 Proxy Shared Providers

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Proxies Cheap – Where to Buy & Top 4 Proxy Shared Providers

If you use shared proxies, you can enjoy all the features of dedicated proxies except that the proxies are shared with a lot of people and the cops might come knocking for an offense you did not commit cheapest proxy Thank you and no thanks for sharing an IP address with an Internet criminal.

Unless the situation is severe, it is unlikely to lead to the police being called. Based on their reliability, server distribution, security, and subscription prices, this list of top shared proxy providers was compiled from a large number of proxy providers.

Instant Proxies:

One of the most popular shared proxy providers is Instant Proxies. Instant Proxies has the shared proxies you need if you want to hide your identity as you browse any of the popular social media websites or scrape popular websites like Amazon for data. One of the things I like about Instant Proxies is the fact that you can actually test run their proxies on the website you intend to use them on to make sure they will meet your needs before ordering.

You can check the status of your proxies’ networks. There are proxy servers located in the United States and the European Union. If you wish to send emails via SMTP, Instant Proxies does not support it.

Proxy bonanza:

It has been providing quality proxy services to its customers since 2008 as a registered proxy provider in the EU. If you ask me what makes Proxy bonanza special, I will tell you the affordability of its shared proxies – they are incredibly cheap. Their smallest subscription is a package of 25 proxies for $10, which comes to $0.40 per proxy.

Furthermore, they offer browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Edge. You can access proxies using these browser extensions. These extensions can be used with other proxies as well, which is one of their advantages.


A leading proxy service provider, High Proxies is home to over 50,000 proxies in 50 datacenters spread across 7 countries and 30 locations. Besides providing shared proxies, its datacenters also offer dedicated proxy services. High Proxies is one of the fastest providers when it comes to upload and download speeds. In addition to web scraping and SEO, they are also suitable for social media automation. With specific uses, the only problem is that they do not circumvent geolocation restrictions imposed by sneaker sites.

There is no free trial available. Their refund policy, however, allows you to request a refund within 3 days of using their service. You can no longer request a refund after 3 days. On a monthly basis, their shared proxies cost $0.64 per proxy and are quite cheap. In addition, many of their customers have praised their customer support as being very good and responsive. It has also been said that the service is always online.

Buy Proxies:

A leading provider of shared proxy services, Buy Proxies is a popular choice in the proxy market. Protect your privacy with Buy Proxies. Apart from privacy concerns, shared proxies are useful when scraping a lot of information from the Internet, updating multiple accounts on a website, bypassing geolocation restrictions, buying sneakers from sneaker discount sites, and automating social media activity. Aside from the United States, they have proxy servers in the United Kingdom, France, Canada, Germany, and the Netherlands.

In contrast to other shared proxy providers, Buy Proxies’s proxies are semi-dedicated, thus not shared between hundreds or thousands of users. Only three users share their shared proxy (semi-dedicated IP address), which makes it more secure, efficient, and fast. They have tested their proxies on Amazon, Instagram, Google, and others and found them to be reliable and efficient.

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