NYC’s Top Fitness Trainers

NYC’s Top Fitness Trainers

Whether you’re looking to get a six-pack or just want to feel more fit, NYC has plenty of top trainers. The trainers below offer a variety of fitness services, from strength training to nutritional advice.

Jon Brown is a personal trainer who focuses on transforming his clients into healthier lifestyles. He works with both in-person and online clients. He is also a strength and conditioning coach.

Jared and Aaren

Jared has been a fitness trainer for 17 years and has worked with many celebrities. He is an ACE certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor and weight management specialist. He has helped clients shed pounds, tone their muscles and feel more energized. He is also a motivational speaker. He is passionate about fitness and believes that anyone can achieve their goals with the right dedication and hard work.

He’s a trainer to the stars, including Hugh Jackman, Bradley Cooper and Cara Delevingne. He’s also a boxing coach for Gotham G-Box and Gotham Gym. He also offers high-intensity workout solutions to help busy professionals save time and see results.

He is a Springfield native and has worked in the non-profit industry for over ten years. She is a graduate of Missouri State University with a Bachelor of Science in Recreation, Sport and Park Administration. She has worked on various event planning projects, including reimagining and implementing virtual fundraising galas for clients of the Springfield Business Journal and local nonprofit organizations such as iCare and Harmony House.


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Ken Method

The Ken Method offers personal fitness training that will help you reach your goals. Their trainers are experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated. They provide a variety of workouts to keep your sessions interesting and challenging, so you won’t get bored. They also offer nutrition counseling to help you maintain your healthy lifestyle.

Emily has been a dancer for over 20 years, but decided to turn her passion into a career in the fitness industry. She specializes in strength training, kettlebells, pre/post-natal training and corrective exercise. She believes that anyone can build strength at any age and that fitness should be fun.

Maik Wiedenbach is a former Olympic-level swimmer who works with clients to achieve their body composition and performance goals. He combines his experience as an athlete and a fitness trainer to create customized programs for each client. He is a great choice for people who want to achieve their goals quickly and efficiently.


There’s nothing like a personal trainer to keep you motivated and on track with your fitness goals. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, build muscle, or simply feel better, NYC’s best coaches have you covered. From boutique studios to the top gyms in NYC, these trainers will help you get your sweat on and see results!

Stephen Cheuk, owner of S10 Training in the West Village, has worked at prestigious gyms like Gotham Gym and Equinox Printing House. His clients appreciate his genuine interest in their fitness goals and his holistic approach to exercise, which includes a focus on recovery and nutrition.

He also offers group fitness classes and online training options. He’s helped many of his clients achieve their health and wellness goals, including a few celebrity clients. One of his recent success stories was helping a client drop 252 pounds! He’s an ACE certified personal trainer, weight management specialist, and indoor cycling trainers near me

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