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A good Manicure Equipment kit is essential to keep your nails looking their best. A high-quality set will have nail clippers, cuticle pushers, orange wood sticks, and a nail file.

Cuticle nippers have a V-shaped head to help remove excess cuticles and hangnails easily. They are also a great tool for trimming ingrown toenails.

Nail Clippers

Whether or not you plan to cut your nails or just trim them, nail clippers are an essential manicure tool. The sharp, sturdy stainless steel blades make it easy to cut your nails in one smooth, even motion rather than multiple choppy cuts with regular scissors.

A good set of manicure tools also includes a cuticle pusher, which can be used to gently push back the cuticles on your nails. This is an important step before applying a product like nail polish, as it helps the polish adhere better and looks more natural.

A good pair of nail clippers has a curved edge that can be used to shape your nails. Some come with a scraper that you can use to remove any dead skin remaining at the bottom of your nail. A few sets come with a nail catcher to keep your clippings in one place. Stainless steel nail clippers are usually more durable than plastic or aluminum ones, and they’re easier to sterilize between uses.

Cuticle Pushers

Cuticle pushers allow you to gently move back the cuticles around the nails, a crucial part of nail health. The cuticles act as a natural barrier to protect the nail from bacteria, so it is important not to cut or remove them, as this can lead to infections and hangnails.

The tools are often shaped like a spoon or spatula and have two ends, with one rounded for pushing cuticles back, and another pointed tip for tucking in corners of the nails and removing dead skin build-up (pterygium). Some models are dual-use, with working tips on both ends, saving you time and effort.

Cuticle pushers are typically made of steel, but some are crafted from wood and are easier to grip and maneuver. Some are also multifunctional, with a pusher on one end and a scraper on the other, for cleaning under the nails and removing polish mistakes. Stainless steel pushers are easy to clean and can be sterilized with a professional nail disinfectant or sanitizer wipe after each use.

Orangewood Sticks

Double-sided, orange wooden sticks are ideal for a manicure or pedicure. These orange sticks can be used to push back cuticles, clean underneath the nails, remove nail polish with precision and more. Each stick has a spade shape on one end and a pointed tip on the other.

Estheticians use these versatile tools on a daily basis during manicures, pedicures, nail extensions and application and removal of Gel Polish. They are safe to use and won’t irritate your client’s skin.

Orange wood sticks are easy to use and can be sanitized between clients. However, they are not recommended to be reused as this can lead to the spread of germs and bacteria. It is best to keep a small set of orange sticks on hand for convenience and hygiene purposes. They can also be kept soaked in Wipe + Erase Acetone Free Polish Remover for ease of cleanup. This is especially helpful during gel polish removal.

Nail Files

Nail files are available in many shapes and sizes. They all serve the same purpose of filing and shaping nails. They are often available in a variety of grits too; like sandpaper, each file has a specific grit that can range from coarse to fine.

The most common nail file is an emery board that has two different grits on both sides. While it isn’t the most sanitary tool as it can’t be disinfected after use, these are affordable and simple to find.

Metal nail files are less common but offer a more sturdy file. While they aren’t ideal for natural nails as they can cause splintering, these work well with acrylic and gel products. Glass nail files are more expensive but can be disinfected in-between uses and last longer than emery boards or metal nail files. They also provide a smooth surface that is gentle on nails.

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