Lawyer Hattingen Offers a Broad and Experienced Team of Lawyers

Lawyer Hattingen Offers a Broad and Experienced Team of Lawyers

Lawyer Hattingen has a broad and experienced team of lawyers, who offer advice on all areas of business law. They work in a ‘best in class’ network of German market leader boutique firms to ensure first-class legal solutions made in Germany.

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Real estate law

Real estate law covers the rights to own, transfer, use and enjoy land and any permanent man-made additions attached to it. This area of law also addresses issues related to the environment, construction safety and accessibility for those with disabilities. Real estate attorneys can help with the complexities of transferring property, real estate financing and title insurance policies.

They can also assist with zoning and land-use matters, Real Property Income and Expense (RPIE) filings, and co-op and condo offering plan filings. They can also help with distressed situations and foreclosures. In the United States, there are many different laws that govern real estate transactions. For example, the Federal Fair Housing Act prohibits discrimination based on race, religion and sex. It also outlines the rules for evictions and mortgage foreclosures. These laws vary from state to state. In addition to these laws, there are many other legal issues that can impact real estate. For this reason, it is important to find a lawyer who understands the complex landscape of real estate law.

Administrative law

A lawyer who represents clients dealing with government agencies should have a basic understanding of administrative law. This includes knowledge of how an agency functions and the legal authority it has to regulate activities. It also involves interpreting and enforcing statutes and the rules created by an agency. This field of law covers a wide range of issues, from determining the purpose of an agency to its relationships with other branches of the government.

The future of administrative law rests on expanding knowledge about how laws and governmental institutions can advance core political and social values. As a result, research in the field intersects with political theory and science, public policy, and legal studies. Regulatory law will likely continue to be dominated by concerns over democratic principles and the need to improve administrative governance. In addition, research on judicial review and administrative appeals will continue to be of interest.

Corporate law

A corporate lawyer’s job is to assist corporations in fulfilling their legal duties, avoid regulatory enforcement actions and litigation, and safeguard their assets. Without a proper understanding of corporate law, businesses may violate laws and regulations and face lawsuits, fines, and lost business. This is why it’s important to have an experienced corporate lawyer on your team.

Corporations are distinct from individuals in that they can sue or be sued, lend and borrow money, and sell securities. Typically, corporations are formed under state law through articles of incorporation. The law also defines how shareholders can influence corporate decisions. In addition, it sets forth the rights and responsibilities of shareholders and directors.

A corporate lawyer can help you navigate the complex world of mergers and acquisitions, commercial transactions, and international and domestic business restructuring projects. They can also assist you with financing, tax law, and intellectual property issues. These lawyers are highly regarded in the business world and have broad experience.


Litigation is a legal process for handling, challenging and resolving disputes through the court system. It can be used to resolve civil, criminal, or bankruptcy disputes. It can also be used to pursue or defend intellectual property rights, such as trademark infringement. Litigation can involve a lengthy process that may require extensive evidence gathering and a trial.

In a trial, a judge or jury hears arguments and evidence from each party and then makes a decision based on those facts. The decision is known as a judgment, and it will usually state the facts that the court found proved and the correct legal conclusion based on those facts.

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