Lawyer Hattingen – First Class Legal Solutions Made in Germany

Lawyer Hattingen – First Class Legal Solutions Made in Germany

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Global law firm Norton Rose Fulbright advised Munich-based investment holding Armira on its investment in Salesfive. The team was led by partner Bernd Dreier and counsel Dr Wenzel Richter.

The Bugeleisenhaus does not bear its name by chance – it is indeed a sight to behold. With its unusual shape, this half-timbered house attracts visitors to Hattingen from all over the world.

The first heavy metal industry develops in the area. Count Henrich zu Stolberg-Wernigerode buys 76 Morgens of land at Bruch manor in Welper to build a steel mill, the “Henrichshutte”.

The new factory at the Ruhrbrucke makes its mark on the town. Thousands of workers are employed at the Henrichshutte and the city of Hattingen grows rapidly. A new district is created and electric lights are installed on the streets of Hattingen. During the war, the Henrichshutte is bombed heavily and more than 4000 inhabitants of Hattingen lose their lives. Pope John Paul II beatifies the catholic resistance fighter from Niederwenigern, Nikolaus Gross. The Industrial Museum at the Henrichshutte is opened. Hattingen is included in the community of historic city centres of North Rhine-Westphalia and Blankenstein joins it in1992. Hattingen is part of the Westfalischer Hansebund (new Hanseatic league of Westphalia) to revive the medieval Hanseatic traditions.

The firm handles complex tax matters such as mergers and acquisitions, private equity investments, corporate finance and restructuring. Its lawyers have a deep understanding of the German market and are experienced in handling international transactions. They also have a strong background in commercial law, including issues involving intellectual property rights.

They are familiar with local and state taxes, as well as federal and international laws. They also have a deep knowledge of the business sector, which makes them an excellent choice for family businesses and large corporations.

A good lawyer will understand your unique needs and help you reach a satisfactory resolution. They will guide you through the complicated process of divorce, custody disputes and spousal support. They will also advise you on property tax issues, zoning and title insurance policies. They will also help you manage your personal finances and prepare for the future. They will be available at all times to answer your questions.
Business law

Business law is a broad field that includes laws that regulate how businesses are formed, operated, and dissolved. It encompasses various topics, including contracts, property rights, and labor law. It also includes rules regarding taxes and antitrust laws. Business law is a vital subject for small business owners, who need to understand how it affects their operations.

A comprehensive understanding of business law helps professionals draft contracts that are clear and free from any legal ambiguities. This allows them to manage their businesses more efficiently and protect themselves from unnecessary legal troubles. Additionally, business law helps establish a framework for commercial interactions and safeguards shareholder interests. This ensures transparency, prevents disputes, and encourages accountability in corporate governance. It also helps safeguard employees’ rights and promotes workplace safety. It also ensures that companies comply with all relevant environmental regulations. In this way, it contributes to sustainable development and economic growth. A lawyer with a deep knowledge of business law can help clients navigate these complex issues.
Commercial law

Lawyer Hattingen is a leading law firm providing first class legal solutions made in Germany. Its interdisciplinary teams advise SMEs, major corporations and investment holdings in all areas of national and international business law. They are particularly experienced in mergers and acquisitions, private equity investments and restructuring.

Attorney Stolz is a recognized expert in the area of labor relations law and a contributor to the chapter on contribution laws for accident insurance in the “Anwaltshandbuch Sozialversicherungsrecht” (Lawyer’s Manual on Social Security). He has extensive experience in commercial disputes, including those involving competition and intellectual property.

The Reshop-Carre is opened and marks the start of a new phase in Hattingen’s economic history. The shopping mall has around 30 shops for clothing, hardware and electronics. It also houses the city festival and a new fire station at the Weiltor-gate. The steel crisis hits hard and the factory Monninghoff/Gottwald and Henrichshutte are forced to cut 4000 of their employees.Anwalt Hattingen

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