Kohl Ithmid Eyeliner

Kohl Ithmid Eyeliner

Kohl Ithmid, also known as kuhl, kohol and surma is an oriental type of eyeliner traditionally used in the Arab world for a variety of reasons. Some of its benefits include protection from harsh sunlight.

It was also said to protect against eye diseases, ward off flies and even stimulate the growth of eyelashes. However, this is only true if the kohl is free of harmful chemicals.


Kohl Ithmid is the only type of kohl the prophet Sl ayyh wslm praised and commanded to be used. Non-Ithmid kohls carry beauty benefits only but do not promote health and may contain harmful substances.

The main benefit of Ithmid kohl is that it protects your eyes from the sun’s harsh UV radiation. The galena from which this kohl is made has UV absorptive properties. When applied it creates an invisible cover that absorbs the UV rays before they reach your eyes. Its dark grey color also helps to reflect off the bright glare of the sun.

Moreover, Ithmid kohl purportedly protects your eyes from infections and eye diseases, shields you from the scorching desert sun, reduces irritation from dust and sand and repels bugs. It is also believed to give a cooling and soothing effect on your eyes and the surrounding skin. It also makes your eyelashes grow longer if mixed with a little bit of lemon juice.


The Prophet (saws) strongly recommended that men and women use kohl. In fact he made it one of the sunnahs of guidance (sunan al-huda) that must be followed unless one has a good excuse to do otherwise.

Kohl is a cosmetic substance that has been used since ancient times for both beauty and medicinal purposes. It is believed to have been created by grinding galena (lead sulfide) mixed with oils and animal fats. In recent times archeological discoveries have traced kohl from the tombs of the Egyptians.

Some kohl is still made from lead and this type of kohl is often called Kajal or surma in India and Pakistan. It has been reported that kohl can repel flies and help in the healing of eye diseases. It is also alleged that kohl can improve and maintain eye sight. However, these claims are not proven scientifically and kohl can contain toxic levels of antimony. Therefore it is essential to be aware of what kohl contains before using it.


Many people use Kohl for its health benefits, however most kohls sold in the market contain harmful substances. Kohl is often made of a toxic metal called lead sulfide (PbS). Inhaling or touching this substance can cause acute poisoning.

It is also usually made of talc, which has been associated with pulmonary illnesses. Additionally, some kohls are made with synthetic dyes and pigments which can be harmful to skin.

Kohl can be applied around the eyes or above and below the eyelashes. It is important to choose a good quality kohl which does not contain any harmful chemicals or dyes.

The most authentic and safe kohl is that which is ground up from the rock ithmid. Ithmid is traditionally referred to as Galena or antimony in the Arabic speaking countries. Our kohl ithmid is from the mines near Mecca and Medina. It is a grey color and has very small particles that can easily be rubbed onto the eye without scratching or irritating the eyes.


Kohl is applied to the eyes for cosmetic enhancement and to make them appear bigger. It is also believed to have medicinal and therapeutic benefits for a variety of eye ailments. It is said to cure redness, conjunctivitis, and internal bleeding. It can also help the lashes to grow thicker and longer.

Kohl has also been found to relieve a number of other issues such as headaches, anxiety and depression. It is also used to treat non-hereditary baldness by stimulating the hair follicles.

Ithmid is a very special type of Kohl that has the blessing of the Prophet Sly llh lyh wslm and carries immense health benefits for the eyes. It can only be obtained from a specific rock that is found in the desert and is usually black in colour. Other types of Kohl which may be labelled as ithmid could actually contain harmful ingredients so be careful! To apply kohl dip the end of the applicator into the kohl stick and drag it along your waterline (or above and below) your eyes.

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