Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed Fixes Guide of 2022

instagram couldn't refresh feed

Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed Fixes Guide of 2022

Instagram offers its users a wide variety of robust features that make it one of the most popular social networks. While it is dependable most of the time, the App isn’t perfect. Among the issues you may face is not being able to refresh your Feed.

Introduction of Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed

By the time I began to get a lot of likes and followers on Instagram, I had already been using it for over a year. The first year was a lot of fun as I learned to use it. I posted some funny or cute pics, but after a year, I felt like I needed to make more of an effort in my posts. That’s when I decided to do a “makeover” of my Instagram.

I had been thinking about doing one for a while because I noticed that most of my followers were from Asia. I wanted to grow my following to people around the world, so I decided to change the look of my page. I created a new profile and a new cover photo. I also changed the name of my account to something that was more international. After doing all this, I began to get a lot of likes and followers. Then I decided to start posting more content, and I’ve been pretty active on Instagram ever since. Instagram is a great social media site that you can use to show off your skills or even just your life. You can post pictures, videos, and even links to articles. The thing I like most about it is that it’s free!

Reasons for Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed

You might not be able to refresh your Instagram feed due to the following reasons:

Internet Connection

An internet connection that is slow or “laggy” is one of the most common reasons Instagram doesn’t refresh your Feed. Instagram can’t load the latest photos and videos because the connection isn’t fast enough. Also, it may happen when the connection is overloaded from high traffic volumes, such as during a big game or on New Year’s Eve.

The App Isn’t Updated

You might experience several issues with the Instagram app if you use an older version, including the inability to load the most recent posts.

Instagram Servers Are Not Working

When Instagram servers aren’t functioning, you’ll see a message saying, “Couldn’t refresh the feed.” There aren’t many occasions when this occurs, but it’s usually resolved quickly when it does.

Check Your Instagram Feed and Fix the Error

You can try out the following methods to fix the Instagram Couldn’t refresh feed error:

  1. Connect To the Internet

First, check if your internet connection is working well and has adequate speed. You’ll need a strong signal if you’re using Wifi or mobile data.

Just open your device’s browser and visit any site to check your internet connection. You can also check the speed of your connection through Speedtest. Your connection may be slow if it takes too long for it to load.

  1. Set The Date and Time Automatically

You may not be able to refresh your Instagram feed if your phone’s time and date settings are set manually and aren’t in sync with the real-time. You should therefore set your time and date automatically.

  1. Log Out and Log Back In

You can log out of the Instagram app and log back in again to see if the ‘Couldn’t refresh feed’ error is resolved.

Go to your profile picture, tap on settings >’Log Out’ to log out of Instagram.

After closing the App, open it again and log in with your account credentials.

  1. Delete Your Instagram Cache

Select ‘Apps’ > ‘Instagram’ from the settings menu on your device. Choose the ‘Clear Cache’ option to remove all cache files saved by Instagram on your device.

After clearing your cache, you’ll need to log in again when you open Instagram. Before clearing the Instagram cache, you should ensure that you know your credentials.

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