How To Win Fortnite – Everything You Should Know

how to win in fortnite

How To Win Fortnite – Everything You Should Know

How To Win At Fortnite

Fortnite has not only become one of the largest games in the world but is also quite popular. We are here to help you learn how to win in Fortnite since many players are still waiting for Victory Royale.

Beginners should not attempt this guide. Tips for advanced players include building simple forts to defend themselves, quickly finding chests, knowing which guns do what, and more. Learn more about Fortnite in the beginner’s guide. After you’ve gotten a feel for how each match plays out, you can check out our advanced tips below.

fortnite how to win solo

fortnite how to win solo

Activate The Visualization Sound Effects

You should review the Audio section of the Settings within Fortnite before you begin a match. The Visualize Sound Effects option can be found here. When you enable this option, you’ll receive visual notifications when enemies’ footsteps and chests are heard.

Having a clear idea of where nearby enemies are at all times will be a great advantage. Additionally, knowing where chests are can lead to victory if you have a robust loadout.

Choosing A Landing Spot

There are four main game modes in Battle Royale, and we’re going to break down tips for all of them. But before we get to that, let’s talk about starting the game. Everything else in the match is determined by which landing zone you choose at the beginning.

Choosing the wrong landing zone can quickly end your match. In the hottest named zones, such as Colossal Coliseum, only the most skilled and confident players can make it. Those are just waiting for places for murder if you aren’t prepared.

Instead, look for areas and houses on the map that are unnamed and are typically found near the named locations. The hubs southernmost of Slurpy Swamp and northernmost of Retail Row are two examples. While fewer players frequent these areas, loot is still guaranteed.

In addition to the popular locations on the map, you can also select less popular ones. In general, the ones on the edges like Steamy Stacks and Coral Castle are reliable choices.

Fortnite updates are worth paying attention to. Are there any new locations? Were any existing locations changed? Avoid those types of locations. In chapter 2 season five, for example, the map’s center was completely transformed into a large desert with a crater in the middle. That’s sure to attract tourists with guns.

Fortnite How To Win Solo (Single Player)

If you play your cards right, you can quickly outlast your opponents in Battle Royale. Having no one watching your back and having to do everything on your own is not a good thing, but you have the added benefit of knowing everyone around you is against you.

Since each mode has pros and cons, it’s debatable if solos are tougher than team-based modes. As a result, most of your firefights will be one-on-one. It’s nice to not worry about getting outnumbered by many enemies at once. Not worrying about your teammates can also be nice.

The Key To Success Is Preparation

The importance of having a well-rounded loadout cannot be overstated. Once you arrive, the first thing you should do is find rare weapons that are suitable for any situation. Grab shotguns, SMGs, assault rifles, and sniper rifles, too, if you’re comfortable with them. You should keep your eyes open for better versions of the weapons you already have because rarer weapons do more damage.

Besides that, you should always have some kind of healing item around. Do not let your inventory be void of any healing items, whether those are medkits, shield potions, or consumables.

Assuming you don’t get the better of someone, you will likely suffer some damage after a firefight, so ensure you have healing items on hand to make sure you’re ready for the next battle. If you need to heal, make sure you are clear of other opponents’ gunfire when you do so.

How To Win In Fortnite By Playing Aggressively

I am going to give you some tips on how to win Fortnite with the players who like to run in guns blazing. The odds of winning are not impossible if you are an aggressive person, but they are a little more difficult.

The problem with playing aggressively is that you are likely to lose sight of the world around you while trying to kill as many enemies as you can. It is recommended that you hop every few seconds while you sprint around the map to keep those pesky snipers on their toes. Get good headphones to ensure a great audio experience. It will be important to hear every sound, including footsteps and bullets, coming from every direction.

Keep an eye on the storm’s formation at all times. When you aren’t paying attention, it’s easy to get caught up in the storm. The pros and cons of staying in the center versus staying on the edges of the circle depending on your route.

In Fortnite How To Win By Being Sneaky

It is okay to sneak around and camp in places. Players who prefer that style have the advantage of caution as their best asset. You should stay at the edge of the area when moving to the next circle. It will be in your interest to stay away from the action as long as possible.

By doing this, you will be able to collect loot at locations that are empty in preparation for the final battles at the end of the match. Take cover in a bush or get out of the way if you hear shots. A big misconception about Fortnite is that you have to attack every player you see. You win by surviving, not by killing people.

Wait until the coast is clear before moving if you see other fights. When the match nears its end, many players leave valuable weapons behind. Grab them. Drops are also valuable. Always approach them last. Watch them instead. If no one shows up, move forward.

Final Thoughts

To move to the next circle in the final seconds of the match, you will want to wait until the very last second. You will want to wait until the last possible moment to approach safety. If you have the time, take the long route around mountains and towns. Take cover frequently to track down enemies. Wait until fewer than five people remain to engage.

But even then, you should exploit the fights. You can even sneak up near someone who looks to have the upper hand while they are distracted fighting someone else. Attack them as soon as they win. You can use explosives to destroy their foundation and then shotgun them to oblivion.

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