How to Find the Best Nintendo Switch Games

How to Find the Best Nintendo Switch Games

Nintendo’s wildly successful Switch console is packed with great games. It boasts major hits like Mario and Zelda, and features an extensive library of independent and third-party titles as well.

Studio MDHR’s enchanting Cuphead is a brutally hard bullet-hell 2D sidescrolling game with a delightful jazz soundtrack and gorgeous 1930s art. It’s one of the best Nintendo Switch games

Digital Downloads

Purchasing games digitally means you can start playing instantly, as opposed to waiting for the game to arrive in the mail. Plus, you can download multiple games to your console and switch between them as desired. You can also delete a digital game and redownload it if you need to free up space.

However, it’s important to have a high-speed internet connection so you can download your games quickly. Also, if you’re buying digital games for children, make sure to set up parental controls so they can’t purchase eShop content without your permission.

Another downside of digital purchases is that you don’t own the physical piece of plastic and metal like you do with a physical game. Additionally, digital games are tied to your Nintendo account, which makes it difficult to resell or even share them within a household. If you decide to go the digital route, a spacious microSD card is a must. The Nintendo Switch Lite and OLED models only have 32GB of internal storage, which will fill up quickly with just a few large games.

Physical Cartridges

Depending on your preference, physical cartridges are an option for some gamers. They’re ultra-portable, and they come with their own carrying case so you won’t lose your games. They also tend to be cheaper and easier to find deals on, and you can always trade them in for other titles if you get tired of them.

However, many physical cartridges require internet connectivity to work. This is because they often need to be updated, and some even need a massive 1-day update to function. This is not the case for all physical cartridges, but it’s something to consider if you choose this route.

Also, you’ll need a large-capacity micro SD card to store your games, especially since the Switch’s internal storage is only 32GB. We recommend this Samsung EVO microSD card for anyone who anticipates buying lots of Nintendo Switch games. It’s one of the best and most affordable cards available. It can store up to 96GB of data, which is more than enough for most people!


Unlike PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, Nintendo Switch games aren’t always easy to find at the best price. That’s because the company doesn’t often discount its first-party titles.

It’s even harder to save on console games because Nintendo doesn’t have a dedicated virtual console service like Sony and Microsoft offer. Instead, Nintendo keeps all of its online-multiplayer games behind a subscription wall. That includes Tetris 99, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, along with 1-2 Switch, the minigame collection that uses motion controls to require players to look at each other instead of at the screen.

The base monthly fee is $7, but a family membership can be purchased for $12 per month. Aside from online multiplayer, the service also provides access to classic N64, Sega Genesis, and Game Boy Advance games. Nintendo adds more to the selection each year. Moreover, subscribers can get free exclusive goodies for their Switch Online accounts, including unique skins for their Splatoon characters and extra courses for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.


The Nintendo Switch is a console that can play on your TV as a home system or remove it from the dock and play as a portable gaming device. This portability allows you to keep up with your games no matter where you are, making it a great option for gamers on the go.

The console comes with a pair of Joy-Con controllers that can be used in either hand for different play styles. Players can also play multiplayer games with friends on the go, perfect for long car rides or airplane flights. This can help break up the boredom and even connect with family members during these long trips.

Another benefit of the Nintendo Switch is that it loads games quickly. This is a huge advantage over other consoles, like the Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 4, that can take anywhere from five to half an hour to launch games when they are downloaded or copied to the system’s hard drive.

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