Hiring an Online Dating Photographer

Hiring an Online Dating Photographer

Your online dating photos are the first impression potential matches have of you. They must be crisp and clear, with a full headshot and an upper body shot.

Men and women both perform better on dating apps when they smile in their profile pictures. They also tend to look better when they are looking away from the camera rather than at it.
Professional Photography

Online dating is a competitive field that requires good photos to stand out. Having an updated photo library with natural, candid images shows your confidence and warmth. It can help you attract the right people to message and meet with.

Using an online dating photographer will ensure that your images are well lit and capture your personality without looking too posed. Having an experienced portrait photographer take your online dating photos will also guarantee that they are flattering and that your facial features are showcased to your best advantage.

Choosing the right outfits and locations will also make a difference in how your photos turn out. Working with an experienced photographer will allow you to be confident in front of the camera and feel at ease. You will be able to relax and enjoy your session and may even forget that the camera is there. This will show in the photos and help you connect with people on your profile.
Natural Lighting

Using natural lighting for dating profile pictures is important for both men and women. A professional photographer will know how to use natural light to flatter your complexion, and to create beautiful contrast between shadows and highlights. They will also avoid direct flash, which can cause red-eye and can make you appear 7 years older than you actually are.

For a classier look, the professional online dating photographer will recommend taking photos on an overcast day or at sunrise or sunset (the “golden hour”). The natural light is more flattering, and it will give your photos a classic feel.

A San Franscisco area photographer and former data analyst charges upward of $1000 to take professional looking photos for dating/app profiles, mainly in locations around the city that match a person’s interests. He advises his clients to use both headshots and full body shots, wear flattering clothes, avoid photos that are too staged and include friends.

If you want to attract serious, quality matches online you need authentic photos. Whether it’s for Tinder, Bumble or Facebook your profile pictures are the first impression someone has of you. High-quality dating photos show that you’re committed to finding a match and are willing to invest in yourself for success.

In contemporary thinking, authenticity is understood as the capacity to be genuine and true to one’s self. This involves a person’s ability to recognize and act on desires, motives, ideals and beliefs that are in accordance with one’s personality.

Authenticity services offered by an online dating photographer include a relaxed photo session and natural-looking photos that make people feel comfortable in front of the camera. The photographer can also assist with writing impactful and natural dating profiles that generate the best responses from potential matches. The sessions are fun and often times people forget the camera is even there! They will leave with a set of stunning photos and guidance on how to use them in their dating profiles.
Time Efficiency

Creating new professional photos on a regular basis is key to online dating success. It is widely believed that dating app algorithms will recognize and prioritize profiles with fresh pictures and show them to more potential matches. Moreover, the process of hiring an online dating photographer can be quite time efficient and cost effective when compared to investing in and maintaining a dating profile. Lastly, dating coaches, matchmakers and online dating experts often hire dating photographers for guidance on swiping etiquette, app choice, profiles, photos, messages, filters, wardrobe, reading people, red flags, date planning & cutting-off liars and time wasters.

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