Galeria De Arte Online – Best for Stay At Home Inspiration

Galeria De Arte Online – Best for Stay At Home Inspiration

You couldn’t get culture from anywhere else for a lot of the last year, and it’s still possible. If your Zoom schedule is tight, these are the perfect way to get out of a creative rut and get a creative boost.

We’ve gathered some of the best content from galleries like the Louvre, Tate, and the Met that have closed their doors but uploaded a great deal of content to the internet.

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Best 5 Online Art Gallery of 2022

Here are the following best five online art galleries of 2022 that you may enjoy staying at home.

  1. Musée du Louvre

Among the many galleries that have gone virtual is the Musée du Louvre. The iconic art housed in this pyramid-shaped building is usually only accessible in Paris, France, but the collection is available online for free.

The Museum owns 482,000 pieces of art, but it also has the Musée National Eugène-Delacroix, the sculptures in the Tuileries and Carrousel gardens, and the ‘MNR’ (Musées Nationaux Récupération, or National Museums Recovery). The pieces were discovered after the Second World War and are kept at the Louvre until their real owners can be identified.

Interactive maps in French, English, Spanish and Chinese offer the best viewing experience on smartphones but are also compatible with computers and tablets. Thanks!

  1. The National Gallery

You can search, browse, and view the art on the website of the National Gallery in London, which has a collection of over 2,400 pieces. There is no shortage of art treasures with iconic works by some of Europe’s most renowned artists. The gallery offers behind-the-scenes views of restoration and conservation projects

There’s also a virtual tour of 18 rooms available via Google Street View. A VR headset from Oculus lets you explore the Sainsbury Wing, which houses more than 270 paintings you can see up close and personal.

  1. The New York Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City is one of the most visited art museums in the United States. As part of its ‘Experience the Met, Anywhere’ campaign (complete with its own hashtag, #MetAnywhere), the museum has released a digital digest that gives you access to its international collection.

You will find sections such as Met Kids (which includes a video on making clay pots), Primer (to get a basic understanding of key themes and timelines), audio guides, among others. This gives you an idea of what the Met has to offer and should keep you entertained for a long time. A 360° video of the Met’s incredible architecture was highlighted for us.

  1. Whitney Museum of American Art

One of the most beloved art institutions in the United States, if not the world, is the Whitney Museum of American Art. The museum displays American artwork from the 20th and 21st centuries. It is housed in a Brutalist building by Marcel Breuer (now the Met Breuer) before moving to a purpose-built building by Renzo Piano in the West Village.

The Whitney Museum has digitized its entire collection so that visitors can view over 25,000 artworks, including photographs, films, books, paintings, textiles, and performance art. The Times They Ain’t A Changing, Fast Enough! is an outstanding work. It depicts Philando Castille, who was shot and killed by police while driving his car, by Henry Taylor, 2017.

  1. The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

The Smithsonian Institution, the world’s largest research and museum complex, has an excellent virtual tool. Three floors of the museum are open for exploring, including the Hall of Fossils, Insect Zoo, and Geology.

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