Encrypted Online Storage Reviews (Everything You Need to Know)

Encrypted Online Storage Reviews (Everything You Need to Know)

Cloud storage poses a major security concern; hacks have become quite commonplace after all. Businesses are increasingly faced with the disruptive loss of sensitive data as large-scale data breaches become more common. The threat of ransomware and phishing attacks isn’t limited to the workplace. Online storage of our information should be secure, and no one should be able to access it without our permission encrypted online storage reviews which is why finding the most secure cloud storage for your data is critical. Cloud wards discuss the top secure cloud storage services that will keep your data safe.

Cloud storage services offer strong security at reasonable prices, thanks to a number of companies making it their mission to do just that. We have compiled a shortlist of five of the best and most secure cloud storage providers for personal and business use.

What Is the Most Secure Cloud Storage? – Top 3

Zero-knowledge encryption is king when it comes to cloud storage security. A multifactor authentication system is a huge plus as well. It is also implicitly implied that privacy goes along with security, so the physical location of the servers, data center hardening, and a clear approach to users’ privacy are all critical. It’s no surprise that Sync.com is the most secure cloud storage provider on our list. As an option for shared files, it offers zero-knowledge encryption by default.

  1. pCloud

If you’ve read some of our other guides, we regularly feature pCloud near or at the top of many of our lists. A good all-arounder, we have no hesitation recommending it for a wide range of applications. In our pCloud review, we examine pCloud’s merits in more detail

The zero-knowledge protection offered by Sync.com is well-known, but pCloud does not provide zero-knowledge protection by default. A subscription to pCloud Crypto, which costs $3.99 per month for an annual subscription, will give you zero knowledge about your files.PCloud Crypto, which provides 2TB of storage for $9.99 per month, adds a high cost for consumers, something to keep in mind if you’re on a budget.

  1. Icedrive

A wonderful alternative to pCloud is Icedrive, which does not charge extra for secure cloud storage. You can’t use encrypted storage if you’re a free user. This feature is currently only available to paying customers. The company says on its development roadmap that it intends to phase out “normal” cloud storage in favor of universal zero-knowledge encryption in the near future.

The encryption itself is unique in that the Twofish protocol is used instead of AES. Though minor differences exist, both use the same key size and take the same amount of time as brute force. Although twofish is less common, it might even be more secure. That, however, is purely theoretical.

  1. Egnyte Connect

Our list of the best enterprise file sync and share providers showed that Egnyte was one of the most secure cloud storage options. If you need to store commercial files, it’s definitely worth a look. Our Egnyte review is worth a look if you own a small business.

As part of Egnyte’s Key Management, you can take control of how your encryption key is stored. Egnyte does not offer zero-knowledge protection by default. As a result, you can either manage your encryption keys yourself or via a third-party solution, such as Microsoft Azure Key Vault.In regards to the cost of Egnyte Key Management, it is only available with the company’s Enterprise plan.

Fortunately, if the Enterprise plan is too much, there is another way to get zero-knowledge security, even if your provider does not provide it. Your files can be encrypted before being uploaded to the cloud using encryption software.


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