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Diamond Painting Accessories

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If you’re a diamond painting enthusiast, you know how important it is to have the right tools. Whether you’re looking to buy a diamond painting kit or are ready to upgrade your current set, you need the right accessories.

For starters, an ergonomic applicator is a must have. It helps ease hand cramps that can occur while working for long hours on end.

Ergonomic Applicator Pens

An ergonomic pen design alleviates pressure off your fingers and uses the natural weight of your hand to apply the pressure needed to write. Some pens have wider barrels with a comfortable grip, while others have a curve that helps keep your wrist from straining too much as you write.

You can also purchase a pen that has a retractable ballpoint tip, which allows you to swap out the ink for different colors. This is a great option for those who prefer the feel of a traditional gel pen but want the convenience of using a refillable ink refill.

You can find a variety of pens that are perfect for diamond painting, including sparkly, glitter-infused and swirled mixed-color drill pens. Pick a design that reflects your style and fits comfortably in your hand!

Multi-Drill Tips

Multi-drill tips are a vital accessory to any diamond painting kit. They can be used for any number of drills at a time and are also extremely comfortable to hold.

These tips come in various styles and shapes, including round and square drills. The latter tends to be a preferred shape for many diamond painters because it creates a mosaic-like piece that can look much more finished and beautiful than round drills.

When you are working on a large area, divide it into small blocks of the same color and start lining them up first, then filling in those areas later. This method helps break down the monotny of a large canvas and makes it much easier to finish!

Wax Pens

Diamond painting is a fun and relaxing hobby that can bring out your creative side. But you need the right accessories to help you complete your project.

One of the most essential tools is the diamond painting pen. This tool is used to pick up diamond beads from the tray and place them on your canvas.

Usually, this tool comes with the kit and is easy to use.

Another important tool is the wax pad. This is a square of pink wax that helps you pick up diamonds without using the applicator tool.

This is a vital accessory to have because it makes it easy for you to pick up each diamond. It also helps you press them onto the correct corresponding symbols on your canvas.

Wheel Pick-Up Pens

The wheel pick-up pen is an upgrade for diamond painting enthusiasts who need a better way to apply diamonds in bulk. It comes in 3 different sizes depending on how many diamonds you want to place at once.

They can be used with round and square diamond drills alike. They are a great option for large areas that require a single color and can make your painting a lot faster.

They’re also ideal for beginners, as they’re much easier to use than traditional diamond painting pens. They also come in many different styles and designs.

Storage Cases

Keeping diamond painting zubehör organized can help you avoid accidental spills and save you time. Using storage cases can also help you easily access different tools and supplies in your kit.

One solid DIY solution for storing complete diamond paintings is to create a large portfolio folder made from two pieces of cardboard. Connect the top and bottom of the two pieces with staples or glue.

If you only work on a few 5d diamond paintings at a time, this will give you enough space to keep them out of the way. You can also add wax paper dividers, if you like.

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