custom furnishings designed as you explore its possibilities

custom furnishings designed as you explore its possibilities

We offer products that are the results of experienced artisans, the integrity of materials, and attention to detail, rather than glued together in a factory. There will be no such product available anywhere else. The design, fabrics, textures, colors, size, shape, and other features are determined by you. Our custom service allows you to customize exactly what you want. Discover the true meaning of custom-designed furniture as you explore its possibilities.

In an oddly shaped room and in a small space, it can be difficult to find a solution. It could be that you’re trying to match an existing piece of furniture by style or color. There might be something you need to make it more comfortable or aesthetically pleasing. We do our best to meet your needs at Feathers Fine Custom Furnishings. We strive to create pieces with lasting value, beauty, and durability. Even if you have to wait for it to be built, anticipation is something to be cherished, and you won’t have to spend hours shopping and dealing with disappointment.

Its All About Craftsmanship

You can expect to pay for the labor and craftsmanship of people who have honed their skills over many years when you pay for custom design. Custom pieces typically cost more since they are individually crafted for the homeowner to their exact specifications.

It is noteworthy how the upholstered panels of curated fabric are set into the walnut headboard with mitered edges that line up perfectly with the wall of the bed. A custom look is hard to beat when floating nightstands are attached to the headboard.

The custom cabinets and shelving in this room fit perfectly to the right of the fireplace surround, creating a unified and harmonious space. Since some semi-custom cabinets aren’t significantly more expensive than fully custom cabinets, could the extra cost be worth it? When the end result is tailored, functional, and aesthetically pleasing, it’s hard not to value it.

You Can Support Local Businesses

The other great thing about custom-designed pieces, like these beautiful rift-sawn French white oak cabinets, is the fact that the people who do the fabrication and installation are generally in your neighborhood. Employing them keeps people employed and puts money into your local economy. Well-crafted design can also be beneficial to your community if you spend a bit more on it.

It’s not just about kitchens and baths when it comes to locally made custom design. The bunk room in this family vacation home is a fantastic example of how to maximize the available space.

Easy access to the upper bunks is provided by the center steps. There are drawers under the bottom bunks and shelves on either side of the bed to contain the clutter that four kids will undoubtedly create while having a blast.

Details Make It Divine

If your designer can dream it up, it can likely be made, be it buttons, appliques, embroidery, or tassels. The pillow on the right was transformed from a plain knife-edge pillow into a custom accent piece by using blue-and-white tape trim.

Keeping those lines straight and the right angles perfect is the work of our workroom staff. A made-to-order custom design is so unique because it is created with such an eye for detail.

There are some great examples of impactful custom design in this living room. These occasional chairs are upholstered with one style of fabric on the outside of the frame and another on the inside, creating an instant wow factor. The tone-on-tone geometric area rug ground the room and adds a splash of color to the otherwise neutral scheme.

Don’t Make it All or Nothing

It can be expensive to design a custom logo. By spending more on permanent architectural features and finishes, you can keep your budget in check.

There is custom built-in shelving on the fireplace wall and a coved ceiling detail in this living room. The elegant, yet straightforward slipcovered sofas were purchased at retail. It’s never a bad idea to invest in a remodeling project that will increase the value of your home if you’re going to splurge.

In addition, you can add custom pillows to a simple, relatively inexpensive retail sofa to give it a luxe and collected appearance. In comparison, a custom sofa costs thousands of dollars compared to a few hundred dollars for custom pillows.

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