How To Charge Switch Controllers For Longer Game Playing

how to charge switch controllers

How To Charge Switch Controllers For Longer Game Playing

A Nintendo Switch controller that runs out of battery is sure to ruin any gaming session and you do not know how to charge Nintendo Switch controllers? You don’t want to see the battery indicator flashing on your Switch’s screen, warning you that your favorite games will cease to work soon. Joy-Cons can be charged and kept ready to use thanks to Nintendo. The Switch accessories can also be used to charge your controller in addition to the several techniques that are available right out of the box.

You will also have more options if you use the Switch Pro Controller. Including the best Nintendo Switch chargers, here are the different ways you can charge your Joy-Cons and Pro Controllers for the Nintendo Switch.

Joy-Con Controllers

As a result, if you use the Joy-Con Grip as your primary Nintendo Switch controller, the battery life will be gone in no time. However, you can recharge the Joy-Con Grip in several ways. You must be waiting for the answer of how long do switch controllers take to charge? ? Well, the wait is over, and below is the answer you are seeking.

how long do switch controllers take to charge

how long do switch controllers take to charge

Charging Joy-Cons While Not Playing

Charging the Joy-Con controllers does not require additional cables, accessories, or shelf space.

Solution 1: Use The Switch.

Connect the Joy-Con controllers to either side of the Switch until they click into place. When they are connected, a notification should appear on the screen.

Dock the Switch or plug in the AC adapter. Either connect the USB-C plug of the adapter to the bottom USB-C port of the Switch or place the Switch in the dock.

The power button located on the top of the Nintendo Switch can be used to put it into “sleep” mode. When the Switch is completely turned off, the Joy-Con controllers will not charge

Dock or AC adapter of the Switch must be plugged into a power outlet. If you want to use the dock, place the Switch in the dock or connect the adapter’s plug to the USB-C port on the bottom of the Switch.

To fully charge the Joy-Con controllers, it will take Nintendo about three and a half hours. You can check their charge level by simply hitting the Joy-Con icon on the Switch’s main menu.

Solution 2: Use A Charging Dock To Charge

The process of charging your Switch with a dock is simple, and you don’t need to leave it on. Use the included cable to connect the Joy-Con charging dock to the Switch’s dock.

Ensure that the lights on the top of the Joy-Con controllers are red and place up to four controllers in the dock. The controllers will become fully charged when their lights turn green.

Charging Joy-Cons When Playing The Game

While your Joy-Cons charge, why not play on your Nintendo Switch? That, too, is possible.

Option 1: Play With A Handheld Device

You can also connect the USB-C end of the Nintendo Switch AC adapter to the console’s bottom USB port by plugging it into a wall so that the cord reaches where you’ll be playing.

Play games by attaching the Joy-Con controllers! The Joy-Con controllers are charged while the Switch is charging.

Option 2: Use The Charging Grip While Playing The Game

The Joy-Con Charging Grip will allow you to play on the TV while the controllers are charging. With it, you can continue charging your Switch controllers while they’re in use, just like the standard Joy-Con Grip.

After connecting the Charging Grip to the Switch’s dock with the included cable, open the small slider on top of the Charging Grip and insert the Joy-Con controllers. You can now use your Switch while your controllers are charging.

Option 3: Use A Charging Case To Charge

It is similar to a portable USB charger in that it comes with its own backup battery for charging the Nintendo Switch. Charging your Switch and the Joy-Con controllers is possible on the go.

Press the power button located on the left side once the S-Charge is charged (it can be plugged into the Switch dock like a Pro Controller).

Attach the Joy-Con controllers to the Switch by raising the flap on top, then close it.

You should now see a charge on your controllers! By tapping the Joy-Con symbols in the home menu, you will be taken to the controller page. Your controller should be powered up.

S-Charge has a battery that has a capacity more than double that of the Switch, so you can charge your Joy-Con controllers without worrying about running out of battery.

Hold the power button down for a few seconds if you are not using the S-Charge. You risk having a dead computer next time you need it if you don’t do this.

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