Auto Cold Drawing Machine

Auto Cold Drawing Machine

Auto cold drawing machine is an essential piece of equipment for manufacturers and fabricators. It can reshape metal wire or tube and reduce its diameter. It can also make the inner wall of the tube smoother.

However, chatter leaves undesirable ring marks on the tube’s outer or inner surface and doesn’t meet geometric specifications. So, it’s crucial to detect chatter early and slow down as soon as possible.

Easy to Operate

Horenco’s new line of metal tube and bar turning equipment includes a swaging machine, auto cold drawing machine and straightening machine that will improve the work of manufacturers and fabricators across various industries. These machines will help them make higher-quality products and save time by streamlining the production process.

In a modern drawing machine, electrical wiring is typically done via high-speed data buses instead of hard wires, allowing hundreds of control signals to be digitized and carried to the machine’s switch cabinet over a single pair of wires. This system is much more cost-effective than the traditional method of hard-wiring motor drives and PLCs.

For high-speed systems, forced air-cooling may be added to the capstans. However, this can be expensive to install and operate because of the energy required to power the fans. Additionally, the extra air movement disperses drawing soap into the environment, which can create an environmental problem. Therefore, it is important to critically examine the need for air-cooling before specifying this feature.

Easy to Maintain

Horen Industrial offers three categories of turnkey equipment for making metal tubes and bars: metal swaging machine, cold drawing machine, and straightening machines. The company’s machines are designed to be fast and efficient, allowing them to produce a wide range of products with tight tolerances.

Cold drawing changes the physical properties of alloys by reducing their diameter. It can also increase the tensile strength of the alloy. The alloy must be softened by heat treatment before it can withstand the cold-drawing process.

To reduce maintenance costs, a limited number of manufacturers offer limited-stroke dancer drawing machines with capstans that do not rotate. This design facilitates operator string-up without requiring them to lean over or reach around the capstans. Additionally, it reduces the need for air-cooling, which is expensive to install and operate. However, this is not a suitable solution for all applications. The capstans require a high degree of taper to ensure that the wire will pay off in a neat and controlled manner.

Easy to Customize

This is a machine that takes steel wire rod in its primary state and reduces its diameter for different purposes. It also improves the hardness, yield and tensile strength of materials. It can be used to draw round, hexagonal and square metal bars. It is indispensable for companies that manufacture steel wire mesh for concrete reinforcement and a variety of metal products with different specifications.

The motors on a drawing machine need to be specially designed and constructed to withstand the severe duty and physical environment. They should be ventilated to provide cooling to the capstans, which are operating at very high speeds. A direct air-cooling system is not feasible on large machines because the extra air movement disperses the drawing soap and shortens its life.

Some machines have accumulator blocks at the first drawing block to provide accumulation time that allows spool changeover while the machine continues to draw. A Morgan B or BW machine uses this accumulation system.

Easy to Learn

This machine can be used for a variety of metals, including brass, mild steel, and alloy bars. Its easy-to-use interface makes it ideal for manufacturers who want to streamline their processes without sacrificing quality.

It is important to remember that cold drawing changes the size of the material. It squeezes the material through a die, and it also deforms it. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the dimensions of the material before and after cold drawing are identical.

While most drawing machines are designed for commercial applications, there has been a recent revival of interest in these tools among contemporary artists. For example, James Nolan Gandy has created a number of machine-drawn looped images using his handmade drawing machines. His work has been featured in shows across the country. You can view his work on his Instagram or website. These machines can be used to produce a wide range of drawings from simple lines to complex sweeps filled with delicate cross-hatchings.

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